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Joey - Role model for both men and women.

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I remember coming home in tears.
I remember admitting all my fears.
I remember you amd your long hair sitting there.
I remember knowing you cared.

I remember the sound of your cries.
I remember the pain your eyes.
I remember the late nights crumbling down.
I remember the best friend that I found.

But now thats gone.
Now thats all fade away.
Now I feel all alone
And you feel same way.
Now youre a stranger sitting there.
Now we’re all alone everywhere.

I remember when you called me on the phone.
I remember not feeling so alone.
I remember staying up very very late.
I remember you calling my name.

But now thats all gone
Now thats all fade away.
Now I dont know anymore.
And you think the same way.
Now youve disapeared from here.
Now were all alone in our tears.

Do you remember?
Have you surrendered?
What happened to forever?
It plummeted into never.

But now thats all gone
Now thats all fade away
Now im writing this song
Youll never hear anyway.
You let the world win.
You took all in.
You shut me out.
And were falling down.
Weve fallen down.
Were all gonna drown.
Yes I remember now….

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And another thing what the hell is wrong with me?!?!?!?! Answer that question oh wise and powrful one please. Why? Why? Why? Why is mothing good enough. Why is mothing right. Why. Why. What did I do to be like this.

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Ah fuck.

Damnit I absolutely hate when u see things coming and u dont stop them. Like lets be real. Totallly predicted all of this totally knew what I eas getting myself into totally knew all this would happen like 3 years before it did and look where we fucking are now…back on a bus…thinking the same thing over again…this dejavu is killing me. Fuck feelings fuck friendship fuck thinking fuck fuck fuck.

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Me on my wedding day:you still like me right
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when i was little my mom told me that you get a baby when you share something special with someone and one day this boys mom brought him mcdonald’s for lunch and he shared his fries with me so i was like “when are we having the baby” 

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U know when you were a kid and won a game in first place and there was that little bitch who went “first is the worst second is the best” like how the fuck did that even make sense

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